Wednesday, October 5, 2016

have a second income



what are PTC sites?

most people start with ptc sites as it's the easiest way to make money, however it's all about clicking ads only doesn't need specific knowledge  or study and its benefits are guaranteed ONLY if you worked with trusted sites 

(see here)

it's also no time work that you can click all the ads in 8 PTC sites in just ONE HOUR per day, its easy to start and easy to click every day at any time of the day, 
also it's  best suitable for College Students, House wives and those who are interested in doing online part time jobs .it just and ONLY needs patience it will be small earning at FIRST  but after few months of continues clicks you will be having a good second income for your self, family, kids and be able to get villa or expensive car you ever dreamt of start NOW and go after your dreams.

how PTC works-about PTC?
PTC sites are companies or Web marketers or online business promoter’s that want to spread advertises about some products or there business to invite more people to there companies, when we watch there ads they get alot of many because we help them by making there ads get high views and make people trust them, so in turn they appreciate our work and give us money for that work. as we want to be doing good work we MUST work for trusted sited (companies) where i have searched and worked with them my self since year now the are paying me instantly and my earnings keep raising the more i keep clicking EVERYDAY.

what are the requirement ?
— A personal computer or Laptop with Internet Connectiction. 
Attn: Register only one account per computer per internet connection.
— Gmail Account
— Personal Bank Account
— Paypal (recommended) or Payza Account.

how to earn money from PTC sites?
you can earn money by clicking ads in the (VIEW ADVERTISING) part after you log in to your account.
another important thing is to sign up for more than one PTC site imagine that you earn in each site 5 cents per day as beginner and your working with 8 sited per one month you will earn 5*8*30=2$
and by continues working this will raise to 100 per ONE month .
you just need to be patient and it will worth it.

how much do I get paid?
each and every site has a minimum payout you can easily
 cashout when you reach it's minimum payout
the best thing on the sites i provide you  is that it has low minimum payout which you can take your money after only few months of CONTINUES work if you didn't click every day it will take you much time to cashout and earn good money

how much can I earn?
your earnings depends on your work, if you worked good and every day clicking your ads you will be earning good earnings. there also more optional stuff to increase your money per day, you can do some offers, tasks, playing grid game, by installing free apps or do small work i do this everyday and i'm happy with my earnings.
A simple calculation:
Your click earnings: 5 ads x $.01 = $ 0.05/day
Your referral click earnings: 50 x 5 ads x $.005 = $1.25/day
Your total earnings per day per site = $ 1.30
Your monthly earnings per site = 30 x $ 1.30 = $39
If you join just 10 best paying PTC sites, your potential earnings is: 10 x 39 = $390/month